The Talyn are a race of bipedal humanoids who's features and certain aspects of their social structures are similar to that of wolves from humanities homeworld of Earth, and in some areas are wholly differing. Their Singular name is Talyr, and their language is Talys.

--- The Talyn are a species native to the planet Tal, in the Ta'in system. While their species originated from this planet, there is clear evidence throughout the planets surface and sometimes within the crust of extreme colonization from a previous race. This race is unknown to the Talyn, as none of the technology that they left behind contained any hint of the whereabouts or even the looks of this race.

--- The Talyn utilize the technologies given to them, and have even made advancements to this technology. most, if not all of the technology they have inherited uses generated field-harmonics from 'Crystals,' which were believed to be complex nano-computers capable of creating small to massive fields depending on the crystals size and even color. This was later disproved in light of a new revelation; a race of crystalline entities known as the Kryt'atal were the original form of these Crystals, but the Kryt'atal are still a mystery in-and-of themselves.


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